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SADRA -- South Africa

3-month to 2-year terms
Ages 20+
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​Mission workers and local staff help SADRA (Southern African Development and Reconstruction Agency) achieve its mission to be a force for good in multiple countries in Southern Africa. Yes, there are many good organizations in South Africa to work with, but we are looking for people who live and breathe peacemaking and have the intercultural competency to help local people succeed by supporting them in their mission!

What does this mission look like? SADRA works in several cutting-edge areas to bring the good news of Jesus' peace to people. One piece of that is teaching high school students non-violent peer-mediation skills, to help them see alternatives to the violence in their schools and neighborhoods. Another area is election monitoring. A third area is working with conflict in churches and training pastors to be peacemakers in their churches and communities.

How can you be part of this exciting ministry? Whether you have experience in conflict mediation skills, administrative skills, relational skills in working with youth, pastors, women, or have done legacy planning, SADRA could be the right fit for you. If organizational management and administration is your thing, there is plenty to do there to keep these vital ministries flowing smoothly.

Have we mentioned how beautiful Cape Town is? If it's not on your bucket list to visit before you die, it should be! From the ocean, to the mountains, to the vineyards, it is truly a spectacular place to be, not to mention the booming cultural and historical hub that it is.

How long can you serve with SADRA? We will work with you, whether you have a few months or a few years. This can be arranged for those seeking an internship, as well as those looking for a longer commitment. Just be aware that once you get there, you may not want to leave!

​Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor's Degree completed or in progress
  • A strong sense of curiosity as demonstrated by asking thoughtful questions
  • A lifestyle of non-violence in relationships and communication
  • Ability to collaborate and to trust local wisdom
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Excellent listening and interpersonal skills
  • Desire to grow in your Christian discipleship
  • Must be at least 20 years of age

Preferred Qualifications

  • Training and experience in peacemaking theories and techniques
  • Basic understanding of Anabaptist theology
  • Regular participation in an Anabaptist faith community

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