English Teacher and local church liaison

Mennonite Partners in China -- China

3-month to 2-year terms
Ages 21+
International Ministries



Position Description: Teach English at a Chinese university under Mennonite Partners in China.

Locations include:

Sichuan University of Arts & Sciences, Dazhou, Sichuan, China

Sichuan Institute of Technology, Zigong, Sichuan, China

Anqing Teacher's University, Anqing, Anhui Province; China

Fuzhou Teacher's University, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China

Funding:  Fuzhou Normal University provides a furnished apartment for each foreign teacher, a living stipend and assists with all visa and residence documentation. 

Term Length:  3 years

Function:  The local churches have invited Mission Network to send language teachers to the university in their city. They believe the presence of foreign Christian teachers on college campuses is a positive witness and provides visibility to Christian belief. While the university teaching position is a significant part of this job description, the connection with the local church and response to their requests is equally important. These requests may include participation in church activities, teaching weekly English classes, and being part of English-language Bible studies


Bachelor's degree and native language ability required. A Master of Arts degree in a teaching field preferred. Minimum two years of work experience (not necessarily teaching experience) following university graduation required. Experience in leading Bible studies for youth and university level students helpful. A willingness and ability to explain and share Christian faith and values with youth who have no church background.  Capability and willingness to teach conversational English to first and second year university students (usually English majors). The department may also need someone to give lectures in North American culture or teach composition. Ability to develop a syllabus largely from scratch, plan daily lessons, prepare handouts/exercises, and give exams. Openness to spending significant time outside the classroom with students, answering questions and providing information about North America, sharing personal stories and experiences and developing friendships. Willingness and commitment to work with leaders of local churches, responding to their requests for assistance with Bible studies, youth camps, special English classes, tutoring, etc. Genuine interest in and sensitivity to Chinese students and colleagues, as well as a gentle spirit in encounters both in and outside of the classroom. Good physical and emotional health and a willingness to be flexible are all required.  Commitment to learning to communicate and function effectively cross-culturally. The ability to function well without having other Mission Network personnel in the city is required.

Note:  Work visas will not be issued by the government past the age of 65. Age at time of application will therefore impact eligibility of candidates.

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