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1-3 years
Ages 21+
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Why should I spend a year of my life in China?

* Because it is China. Your life has already been impacted by this country and China’s imprint on the world will only continue to grow. This is an opportunity to get a foot up on what is happening and where things are going.

* Prepare for possible career opportunities that take advantage of China’s growing economic and political clout.

* Converse with Chinese university students who are eager to practice their English and want to know all about North American college life.

* Begin communicating in basic Chinese, discover the joys and frustrations of learning a difficult language.

* Confront troubling issues of incredible social change, income gap between rich and poor, environmental degradation, social implications of a large aging population.

* Decide if teaching is for you or whether in the future you want to spend more time working overseas.

* Broaden your horizons and be personally changed by your experience.

What would I do in China?

* Teach 14-16 hours of conversational English each week to first or second year college students. Teaching is in English.

* Spend time with Chinese university students outside of the classroom—eating out, hanging out in dorms, playing basketball, ping-pong or other sports, enjoying music or other performances, visiting student homes in rural areas.

* Worship with local believers and learn about the church in China.

* Sample Chinese cuisine, bargain in markets, maneuver your bike through crowded streets and explore local culture.

* Travel to nearby cities and scenic areas.

What are the criteria for this one-year program?

* Be enrolled in or have completed a three or four-year college degree.

* Be a native speaker of English.

* Feel comfortable with being in charge in a classroom, preparing basic lesson plans and leading a class through a lesson.

* Complete the application process (includes several references) and be approved for service by Mennonite Partners in China.

* Be in good physical and mental health, willing to be flexible and learn.

What is the time schedule?

* You will leave North America around August 20-25 and begin teaching by the beginning of September.

* There is a five-week break during Chinese New Year (generally middle of January to middle of February). You can travel during this time, study Chinese or just hang out. You will spend one-week at the MPC retreat/conference. Locations for this retreat vary but most often it will be held in a warmer, sunnier location.

* Classes will finish by the end of June, you can return to North America by the first week of July.

What would the university in China be like?

* You would be at a teachers’ college and most of your interaction would be with first- and second-year university students.

* Universities vary in size, but you could expect 10,000 to 25,000 students spread across one or two campuses.

* The cities where universities are located can be very large, up to 6 million people, or they can be small Chinese cities of about 400,000.

Where would I live?

* Most students and university faculty and staff live on the campus of the university.

* You will be given an apartment (bedroom, living room, bath and kitchen), generally located in an apartment building on campus. You may need to share an apartment with another foreign teacher or student but will have your own bedroom.

How much would it cost?

* MPC will cover costs related to orientation, visa, international airfare (return), attendance at the MPC mid-year conference and MPC worker care support.

* While teaching in China the university will provide you with a furnished apartment, utilities, and a monthly living stipend of 3000 yuan ($430 USD).

What kind of support and assistance could I expect?

* MPC assists you with preparation information, placement and university details, including assistance with getting necessary documents for a visa.

* MPC North American personnel will walk with you in the application and visa process and prepare an orientation in the weeks before your departure.

* MPC China personnel provides you with in-country orientation and travel arrangements to and from your school.

* An MPC worker based in China oversees your experience, checks in with you periodically and offers advice on your teaching work.

* MPC assists with difficult negotiations and/or questions related to teaching and living arrangements with university officials.

* Each Chinese university has an international programs office which assists you with your classes and living situation.

What is Mennonite Partners in China?

* A program of the Mennonite Central Committee, Mennonite Mission Network, Mennonite Church Canada Witness.

* MPC has carried out a wide variety of academic exchange programs in China for nearly 40 years.

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