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2 weeks
Ages 15-22
Youth Venture



Dates: July 12-26, 2023

Cost: $2,900 per participant. Covers round-trip transportation from the United States to Indonesia, visas on arrival, local transportation, three meals per day, tours and lodging.

Application deadline: May 1

Blog: 2023 Youth Venture Indonesia

Explore other cultures and faiths

Stretched across the equator southeast of Asia, Indonesia is the world's largest archipelago, home to over 270 million people and a mosaic of cultures. Lush green rice terraces line mountainsides and pristine beaches and lakes abound. 

Explore the ancient cultural history of the Javanese people. Visit an old city in Semarang where Dutch colonial legacies are reflected in architecture, and a small village embodying the Gospel of Peace in harmony with nature. Visit Mount Bromo, culturally significant to the Tenggerese people.

Experience the community life — from cities to mountains — of Indonesian Anabaptist believers living and working with Buddhists and Hindus as well as the largest Muslim population in the world. 

Participants will return home with a broader understanding of other cultures and faiths, and from this, a deeper commitment to living in a spirit of shalom with neighbors and all the world.

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