Skills and Therapy Trainer for Children

JCS International -- Mongolia

Flexible Term
Ages 21+
International Ministries



Needed: ASAP

Function: Disabled Children-at-Risk Trainer

Term: Long-Term

Language: Mongolian and English

Position Specific Qualifications:

Mongolian Asia Reach is an NGO that provides several services to Mongolian children.  They have several branches of community services which include a center for providing speech and physical therapy for disabled children and support for their parents as well as running an orphanage and street children’s program which reaches children at risk. Learn more about Mongolian Asian Reach on their website.

JCS has provided short and long term professional volunteers in the past which have helped train staff and family members of disabled children so that they might provide more professional care for these vulnerable youth. Learn more about JCS on the JCS website.

Education and/or experience in working with disabled children and their families, such as in speech therapy, physical therapy or other programming.

Must be age 21+​ to serve

Ability to live simply.

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