Familienzentrum Bammental team member

Christliche Dienste -- Germany

1 year
Ages 18+
International Ministries



Dates Needed: Depending on corona virus restrictions, this placement will start either in September 2021 or February 2022.

Function: The Family Center of Bammental supports children and families and offers a place for all generations to be together. They offer a wide variety of activities like crafts, creative writing, dance, music, spiritual direction, yoga and much more. You will support the team in the various daily tasks in the cafe of the family center and its events. There may be some computer work, and lots of very practical tasks as well as the creative arts described above. You will be responsible to keep the cafe clean and orderly and will help with preparations for events and follow up after events.

Qualifications: Some German language ability or willingness to take German classes before the start date; joy in working with people of all ages, but especially children; willing to take on tasks assigned to you; openness to be used by God in this placement.

Term: One year

Language: German, language classes can be arranged online or in Heidelberg, a city near Bammental.

Familienzentrum Bammental is an appointment through our partner, Christliche Dienste.

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