L Arche Community Companion

Christliche Dienste -- Germany

1 year
Ages 21+
International Ministries



Dates Needed: February or September.

Function: L'Arche is a Christian community in which people with and without disabilities live together. It wants to be a place where people, regardless of their origin, religion, culture, disability and abilities, can have a home and share their gifts with the community. We are convinced that, regardless of disability, we depend on each other and can learn from each other. The service includes nursing activities such as feeding, assisting with personal hygiene and dressing and undressing. This placement provides monthly pocket money of €302. 

Qualifications: L'Arche is a Christian  community, which is expressed in common prayer, worship, celebrations of church festivals. In any case, we would like to see a fundamental openness to this. Ability to live in community; interest in living alongside people with disabilities.

Term: One year, starting in September or February

Language: German level B1, or better is required.

This appointment with L'Arche is through our partner, Christliche Dienste.

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