Teachers of Bible, Theology, and Leadership Development

Latin American conferences -- Ecuador

3-month to 2-year terms
Ages 21+
International Ministries





In Ecuador multiple Anabaptist partners are seeking ways to deepen their understanding of Anabaptist theology and develop leadership for their congregations and ministries. Much of the teaching is in workshop format, with the possibility also of on-line classes. In 2020 the Quito Mennonite Church started an initiative together with Mennonite Mission Network for a Peace and Reconciliation Center offering online training on topics like conflict transformation, reconciliation and peace for students in and outside of Quito.  

While most teachers live in the region, partners also appreciate visiting professors who come for an intensive course or series of courses. The Anabaptist churches of the Andean region are increasingly seeking ways to collaborate for theological education, which can include both travel and on-line courses. Travel is generally self-funded and courses need to be planned ahead to fit schedules and priorities. 

3 months or more

Fluent in Spanish

Position Specific Qualifications:
Experienced professor; Anabaptist theological commitment​

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International ministriesInternational ministries<p>​<span class="ms-rteFontSize-4"><strong>Global partnerships</strong></span></p><p>Walk together in mission with our partners around the world, utilizing your unique gifts and skills. Whether it’s a sabbatical, internship, or a multi-year commitment, explore the opportunities with us. <span><br></span></p><p>International ministries <span><span>is a program of Mennonite Mission Network.</span></span><br><span><em></em></span></p>

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