Nazareth Village 2020

Narareth Village -- Israel/Palestine

2–3 weeks
Ages 18+
Youth Venture



Postponed to 2021

Age: Must be 18+

Team size: 6-8 participants

Cost: $2,000

Service/learning component

SERVE Nazareth/Nazareth Village recreates daily life as Jesus would have experienced it in first-century Palestine. People from all over the world come to Nazareth Village to get a feel for what life was like for Jesus and to put themselves imaginatively in that life. This makes the parables and teachings of Jesus come alive!

SERVE Nazareth/Nazareth Village has the vision to glorify God by bringing people from around the world together in service, to encourage the body of Christ in Nazareth, and to equip people for future ministry. In their invitation to partner with them, they have said, “Our program has a dual focus: first, to grow the kingdom of God in Nazareth through your service, and second, to grow the kingdom of God within you. Our hope is that you leave Nazareth not only having made a difference in the community, but also impassioned to serve the Lord with all that you have.” We are excited to join them in this vision!

Youth Venture participants would be part of the daily operations at Nazareth Village, whether it be taking on the role of a character in a biblical narrative, doing light maintenance, or serving meals to visitors. Bring the Nazareth Village to life by playing your part in a first-century working farm, and meet visitors from around the world. Get your hands dirty by helping to maintain and renovate buildings and grounds.

Serving at Nazareth Village will give you the opportunity to experience the town of Jesus, meet its people, learn their language, join and experience local churches, and explore the rich and varied culture of Israel.

Travel to location You will meet your team for orientation in a major U.S. city (yet to be determined). You will need to make your own travel arrangements to the departure city. Details will be forthcoming. Youth Venture will make your travel arrangements from the United States to Israel.

If you do not have a passport, you can download an application at

Financial contributions Youth Venture is asking each participant to raise $TBD USD to help cover team expenses. This amount covers the cost of orientation, travel to the assignment, in-country travel, lodging and food. Participants will need additional funds to cover their health insurance, immunizations, passport, and travel to orientation. Expected contribution is subject to change in the event of significant airline price increases. All gifts are nonrefundable and will be used to fund the Youth Venture team ministry in Nazareth regardless of individual fundraising goals.

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