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Ontario Gleaners

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The Ontario Christian Gleaners is an Interdenominational Christian organization that seeks to demonstrate God's love to a hungry world by collecting, processing and distributing surplus and blemished agricultural produce. Produce is collected from farms and food distributions centres. Gleaners volunteers trim, chop and dry the produce. The dehydrated produce is then combined to make nourishing soup mixes and dried fruit snacks. These products are then distributed to the needy around the world by way of relief organizations.The Gleaners operates year round, Monday through Friday with the exception of statutory holidays. Each day, the Gleaners can accommodate up to 70 volunteers, working from 8:30am until 12:00pm with a coffee break around 10:00am. Aprons are provided, but volunteers are asked to wear only closed-toe shoes. There are several different positions available for volunteers at the Gleaners, but most volunteers assist in the processing room. This is also a very social room. Produce is trimmed by removing blemishes, cores and ends. The processing room has in floor heating. Rubber mats are used to stand on and stools are available for volunteers wishing to sit as they work. Hotels and campgrounds are available in the area. Volunteers can bring a bag lunch and eat it at the Gleaners building in our spacious, equipped kitchen.

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