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SOOP Peace Academic Center

-- Kykotsmovi, Arizona

Ages 20+



Peace Academic Center (PAC) is a private school affiliated with Mennonite Education Agency at the Hopi Indian Reservation in Kykotsmovi, AZ. “K-Town” is the headquarters of the Hopi Tribe, a sovereign nation in northern Arizona. The school offers a GED program and hopes to open a preschool and kindergarten.

Volunteers are vital to the school and community, and a wide variety of skills are invited: GED classroom monitors, building and machine maintenance, construction, cleaning, grounds-keeping, cooks and kitchen help, and potentially, preschool and kindergarten teachers. To teach in the preschool and kindergarten, a school-year commitment would be preferred, but shorter-term volunteers are welcome in other roles. On-campus housing is provided, and RV hookups are also available. Meals are on your own.

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