Harrisonburg, Virginia

Conflict Resolution Case Manager

Fairfield Center -- Harrisonburg, Virginia

1 year term
Ages 20+
Dean House—Harrisonburg



  • Case management will include intake interviews, communication and computer data entry, scheduling clients with appropriately qualified mediators and observers, preparing files and space for mediation, follow-up after mediation, and court services, including preparing for and attending court.
  • Support services include answering the phone when the office manager is not available, photocopying and maintaining stock of forms, typing correspondence, assisting with mailings, becoming knowledgeable of various Fairfield service branches, and fulfilling other office duties as necessary.
  • Mediation will include serving as an observer or co-mediator during mediation sessions when appropriate.
  • Fairfield Center representation may include participating in staff and board meetings, representing Fairfield at community meetings, and speaking to groups/organizations regarding Fairfield services.
  • Learning experience includes developing higher skill and comfort in intense and conflictual situations, enhancing interpersonal communication skills, strengthening personal work habits and skills, gaining valuable knowledge of a nonprofit community service organization, and obtaining greater awareness of personal strengths and areas for continual growth within a structured environment geared toward learning.

  • Strong interest in learning about and gaining experience in the field of alternative dispute resolution. 
  • Energetic self-starter with good problem-solving skills.
  • Fluency in Spanish is a plus.

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Dean HouseDean House<p><strong>Join a community</strong>—The Dean House Voluntary Service Unit is located in the heart of downtown Harrisonburg, and across the street from its supporting congregation. Stay locally in Harrisonburg and continue to enjoy the college town full of cultural and linguistic diversity, thriving arts scene, and nationally recognized outdoor recreation opportunities. Take advantage of the proximity to Shenandoah National Park, Charlottesville and Washington, DC.</p><p><strong>Join a congregation</strong>—Community Mennonite Church is a growing, multi-generational, and welcoming congregation. Many CMCers are engaged with the local community through education, justice and service work. VSers are invited to participate in congregational life through Sunday morning worship, small groups, weekly kids club, Sunday school, church activities and more.<br></p><p><strong>Join a cause</strong>—Placement options are varied and involve community organizing, immigrant justice, healthcare access, and others.</p>

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http://cmcva.org/apply-for-our-mvs-unit/, Dean Househttp://cmcva.org/apply-for-our-mvs-unit/, Dean House



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