Tiskilwa, Illinois

Hungry World Farm Intern

Hungry World Farm -- Tiskilwa, Illinois

2-6 month terms
Ages 18+
Hungry World Farm



Hungry World Farm seeks energetic, team-oriented individuals (age 18+) desiring to learn about and participate in small-scale, diversified farming. We welcome self-motivated, creative, and willing learner-workers to partner with us in nurturing soil life, growing food, caring for animals, and sharing the good news of regenerative agriculture with visitors to our educational farm.

Interns can expect to devote about 25 hours per week engaged in experiential learning through farm work in gardens, with livestock, or general farm maintenance. 10 hours per week will be dedicated to focused learning through field trips, presentations, conversations, and recommended reading/viewing. About 5 hours of participation in farm community gatherings is encouraged. These gatherings may include: shared meals, team-building, prayer circle, bonfires, and outings.

Interns should leave with a broadened understanding of regenerative agriculture, strong experience in a wide variety of farm activities, and a deepened love for God and all of Creation. Interns can expect to work hard, have fun, and learn plenty. We want to facilitate a collaborative, community-oriented environment with lots of learning, sharing, and laughter to go along with the work!

Internship duration: 2.5 - 7 months


Full-season interns: April 1 to October 30

Summer interns: June 1 to August 15

*Alternate dates may be discussed with HWF staff at the time of application

Housing: Shared on-farm housing provided, access to some farm food; plus a stipend

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Hungry World FarmHungry World Farm<p>​Seeking the well-being of all, Hungry World Farm inspires and educates people about healthy fields, food and bodies while caring for the Earth.</p>

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http://hungryworldfarm.com/, Hungry World Farmhttp://hungryworldfarm.com/, Hungry World Farm



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