Tiskilwa, Illinois

Hungry World Farm Intern

Hungry World Farm -- Tiskilwa, Illinois

2-6 month terms
Ages 18+
Hungry World Farm



Hungry World Farm seeks hard-working, team-oriented individuals (age 18+) desiring to learn about, and participate in, small-scale, diversified farming and holistic land management.

We welcome self-motivated, creative, and willing learner-workers to partner with us to develop and sustain our educational farm. Each intern will tend to a unique set of responsibilities while also contributing to the general farm work with others.

Interns can expect to devote 25-30 hours/week toward specialized intern roles and 10-15 hours/week toward more general farm projects. We desire that interns will learn about many aspects of diversified farming operations while dedicating themselves specifically to the development of a particular area of HWF’s work, with interns’ experience being shaped by their unique interests and skill-sets while serving HWF’s broader mission and vision.

Interns should leave with a broadened understanding of holistic, diversified farming, sharpened skills pertaining to a particular part of the farm, and strong experience in a wide variety of farm activities. Interns can expect to work hard, have fun, and learn plenty. We want to facilitate a collaborative, community-oriented environment with lots of learning, sharing, and laughter to go along with the work!

Possible internship focuses include: pastured livestock, market garden, berries, perennial plants, farm learning center, grounds and maintenance, composting, and more.

Internship duration: 2-6 months
Dates: Flexible; April/May - October/November
Housing : On-farm housing provided, plus a stipend

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Hungry World FarmHungry World Farm<p>​Seeking the well-being of all, Hungry World Farm inspires and educates people about healthy fields, food and bodies while caring for the Earth.</p>

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http://hungryworldfarm.com/, Hungry World Farmhttp://hungryworldfarm.com/, Hungry World Farm



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