Canton, Ohio

Community Internship

CITYSojourn -- Canton, Ohio

11 month term
Ages 21-26
Lighthouse Ministries



CITYSojourn: Community Internship is an 11-month internship for young adults who are interested in exploring the intersection of faith, community, and social justice.

As a community intern, you will live with a team of people in southeast Canton while learning from those you live alongside; serve in the various ministries that are offered through the Lighthouse and our community partners; gather weekly to engage and discuss the issues surrounding poverty, race, and peace and justice; and be mentored by urban leaders.

We exist to provide young adults with opportunities for spiritual formation and personal development through year-long internships; by serving, learning, and living in an inner-city neighborhood.

We desire to see people, regardless of calling and career path, embrace the complexities of culture, poverty, race, and community development; to be empowered as Kingdom citizens offering healing and hope in a broken world.

Communal Living
Spiritual Formation
Leadership Development
Experiential Activism


  • Follower of Jesus.
  • Age 21-26.
  • Sees addressing issues of social injustice as part of living out their faith.
  • Willing to engage in urban life and live alongside a small group of people (i.e., shared meals, house chores, processing the experience together).
  • Desires to grow spiritually by learning to love God and love their neighbors.
  • Willing to engage and explore their giftings and how they can be used for the common good as active kingdom citizens.

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Lighthouse MinistriesLighthouse Ministries<p> The Lighthouse is an urban youth outreach center located in Southeast Canton, Ohio. The Lighthouse Ministries strives to walk alongside the youth in our community by offering safe, high-quality, and holistic opportunities to assist them in understanding their God-given potential for impacting the world.</p>

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