Canton, Ohio

Service Learning Experiences for Groups

CITYSojourn -- Canton, Ohio

1 week term
Ages 14+
Lighthouse Ministries



Service Learning Experiences
Your week-long time with us is divided between learning, serving, and relating. This combination of education and experience will not only make a difference here in Canton but will also make a difference in the lives of those who serve by cultivating a passion for serving in a Christ-like way that goes well beyond your time with us.

Your group will serve primarily at the Lighthouse as well as with local agencies and homeowners. Through these diverse serving opportunities, it is our hope that your group will be made aware of the challenges many urban neighborhoods face and be inspired by the evidence of how God is working in these places.

Each day includes sessions from our poverty curriculum that incorporates Bible studies, interviews with men from the homeless shelter, and poverty simulations. Your time with us concludes with a prayer path experience, providing time for reflection on what God is saying to you, how God is challenging you, and what God is calling you to. Our hope is that through these experiences you will become increasingly aware of how complex the issue of poverty is and what role the church is called to play.

Your group will spend significant time with children, in our neighborhood, either as part of our after-school program or our summer activities project (depending on the time of year you visit). Our hope is that through these experiences you come to a deep appreciation for the beauty of God's creation through meeting people whose worldview, environment, and story are completely different from your own.

Age 14+
Your group provides:

  • one sponsor for every 5 youth (preferred)
  • your own transportation
  • your own food (kitchen and dining area on-site)

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Lighthouse MinistriesLighthouse Ministries<p> The Lighthouse is an urban youth outreach center located in Southeast Canton, Ohio. The Lighthouse Ministries strives to walk alongside the youth in our community by offering safe, high-quality, and holistic opportunities to assist them in understanding their God-given potential for impacting the world.</p>

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