Canton, Ohio

Service Projects

CITYSojourn -- Canton, Ohio

1 day term
Ages 14+
Lighthouse Ministries



Spend a day volunteering at the Lighthouse. Thanks to volunteer groups of all sizes, work projects and care of our facility is made possible year-round. Work days are set aside for local groups who have established or are looking to establish a long-term relationship with the Lighthouse and our community. Service projects include painting, yard work, cleaning/organizing, and other similar tasks.


  • Age 14+
  • Adult leaders present

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Lighthouse MinistriesLighthouse Ministries<p> The Lighthouse is an urban youth outreach center located in Southeast Canton, Ohio. The Lighthouse Ministries strives to walk alongside the youth in our community by offering safe, high-quality, and holistic opportunities to assist them in understanding their God-given potential for impacting the world.</p>

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