Madison, Wisconsin

Warehouse Assistant

Second Harvest Foodbank -- Madison, Wisconsin

1- or 2-year term
Ages 20+
Mennonite Voluntary Service



This position will report to the Receiving/Inventory Supervisor, will be forklift certified and trained in operation of handheld RF computers. The tasks will include lifting on a regular basis up to 50 pounds. This will be a Monday through Friday position, day shift and the start/finish times may vary depending on workload and schedules but should remain between 7AM and 6PM. Previous computer experience desired. This position will work with and may occasionally direct or lead small teams of volunteer helpers.

Duties will include:

Receiving/dock support
Assist the Receiving Supervisor and truck drivers to unload trucks, consolidate like items, document donor information, palletize cases, print /apply pallet tags, move products to designated storage areas utilizing and rotating stock to maintain a first in first out (FIFO) inventory policy. This function will use the computer system including RF handheld and vehicle mounted computers.

Inventory / Cycle counts
Assist in counting scheduled picking and warehouse locations to verify and maintain inventory accuracy. Assist in identifying problem inventory issues. This function will use the computer system including RF handheld and vehicle mounted computers.

Order fulfillment / picking
Supports the warehouse operations by pulling orders for pickup and delivery, place product in proper storage locations and utilize inventory control programs as specified. Follow all work safety procedures. Ensure all orders are picked in a timely manner with great accuracy while maintaining the warehouse. This function will use RF handheld and vehicle mounted computers as well as paper orders to perform this task.

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