Madison, Wisconsin

Food Pantry Coordinator

The River Food Pantry -- Madison, Wisconsin

1- or 2-year term
Ages 20+
Mennonite Voluntary Service



The River Food Pantry is the busiest in Dane County, serving over 600 low income households each week. The pantry distributes 40,000 pounds of food each week along with hot meal, free clothing and misc household items. The food pantry is 100% choice meaning people shop for what they need.

This position has 2 roles. The first responsibility is to keep the food pantry stocked, the second it to assist clients while they shop.

Lead Pantry worker Task List

  1. Keep pantry stocked:
    1. Area is clean and attractive
    2. All product is faced and easily accessible
    3. Similar product is grouped, i.e. soups, fruit
    4. Storage above and below pantry shelving is kept full
  2. Assist client shoppers when the food pantry is open. Shopper is treated with dignity and respect.
  3. Keep warehouse organized:
    1. Area is clean and attractive
    2. All food safety guidelines strictly adhered to
    3. Separate areas for food, cleaning products, clothing and maintenance items
    4. Able to operate manual and electric pallet jacks as needed.
    5. Strictly adhere to the FIFO (First In First Our) inventory system.
  4. Promptly greet walk in guests. Guests are provided information as needed on using the pantry, volunteering or making donations. Volunteers for the pantry or kitchen are signed in and given a name tag. Donors are offered a receipt.
  5. Responsible for incoming log entry (weight log).
  6. Responsible that the daily temperatures log is complete.
  7. Responsible that the daily, weekly and monthly cleaning task logs are completed.
  8. Ensures all refrigerated and freezer food is kept at safe temperature and disposes of any unsafe food as necessary.

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