Madison, Wisconsin

Supported Living Worker, Activity Facilitator, Community

Dreamweavers -- Madison, Wisconsin

1- or 2-year term
Ages 20+
Mennonite Voluntary Service



Dreamweavers is a Madison, WI non-profit that helps adults with developmental disabilities or traumatic brain injuries live in their own homes and access community opportunities. We are a progressive organization that prioritizes teaching and learning, as we work in tandem to promote self-empowerment, civic responsibility and inclusion, along with movement toward reaching individual goals. Our wider community is strengthened by our diversity and mission to provide the support necessary for persons with disabilities to experience safe and happy lives.

This new position would involve 3 components:

  • Supported Living Worker - about 15 hours per week doing direct care in order to better understand our overall purpose, consumer experiences and potential, team dynamics, and the challenges to as well as opportunities for greater community participation; you would be mindfully matched with consumers requiring varied levels of supports, it may include verbal or physical assistance with personal cares, monitoring health and addressing concerns as needed, medication administration, meal preparation, household chores, team communication, helping with activities at home and in the community and daily documentation
  • Activity Facilitator - about 15 hours per week leading efforts to enhance individual social/recreational opportunities and participation (both at home and community based); you would work with consumer interests, staff skill sets, existing ideas and generate your own while being mindful of potential constraints, some activities would require ongoing direct support and others could be maintained by teams once successfully developed, examples include: game/card club, Friday Fish Fry meet-up, group exercise, community gardening, bingo night, spiritual practice, bike rides, pet therapy, thrift store shopping, music playing/concerts, recipe exchange, sporting events, video game or arcade time, nature walks, spa days, learning new technology, exploring arts/crafts, volunteering, etc.
  • Community Connector - about 10 hours per week leading efforts to build relationships between/within our organization and the wider community; you would help cultivate appropriate friendships among consumers/peers and beyond paid supports, help individuals reconnect or stay connected with family members or others they value, help expand natural supports so each person can be more self- reliant regardless of support system changes, help consumers demonstrate their skills and investment in community, help shape our agency's profile as a community collaborator, help build and respond to volunteer interest


Depending on transportation, availability, skill set and passions, this could be either full or part-time. The position is being developed in response to an ongoing need, so the person would have to be comfortable with and excited by helping to create something new and visionary. Flexibility in scheduling (some nights and weekends) is a must in order to meet consumer needs and maximize community engagement. Other requirements include: an asset based approach, desire to innovate and experiment, effective communicator and problem solver, accountable to work independently and within teams, confidence asking of others and dealing with possible rejection/failure, receptive and responsive to feedback, well organized, ability to lead by example and motivate along with a friendly demeanor. As a non-profit, we also have a plethora of other projects that could be discussed further and integrated if interested.

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