San Francisco, California

Hospitality Monitor and Outreach Assistant

The Gubbio Project -- San Francisco, California

1- or 2-year term
Ages 20+
Mennonite Voluntary Service



The Gubbio Project is a 501(c)3 which provides day shelter for the homeless population of San Francisco's Tenderloin District and Mission District. The Gubbio Project continues in the Christian tradition of attending to the needs of the poorest and creating opportunities for dignity and community by offering a safe place where the homeless can rest in the pews of the St. Boniface and on mats in St. John the Evangelist sanctuary during the day. Services provided include: a beautiful and calm place to sleep; clean, safe restrooms; emergency and essential supplies; foot care; referrals to outside services; a listening ear; and a community breakfast for 80 of our guests every Friday.

At our two locations the Project takes place in the sanctuary of the buildings. People that are experiencing homelessness and poverty can sleep and rest all morning. This sends a powerful message to the homeless - they are in essence part of the community, not to be excluded from a place where all are welcomed. It also sends a message to the people that make up the church communities- the community includes the poor, those with substance abuse or mental health issues, and those who are wet, cold and dirty.

Position description
The Hospitality Monitor/Outreach Assistant works in the day shelter, the office as well as out in the community. We are open to tailoring parts of this position to fit a MVSer's interests and experience. This position might be a good fit for you if you have an interest in: homelessness, inner city poverty issues, social justice, radical inclusivity, ecumenicalism, community organizing, and/or non-profit administration.

Hospitality Monitor (1/2 of time - working 5 4-hr shifts a week):

  • Provide a consistent listening ear and presence to the homeless guests.
  • Make supportive service referrals, as you learn about services in the area.
  • Work as a team member to ensure a quiet, clean and safe space for sleeping during hours of operation.

Outreach for Program (1/4 of time):

  • Attend community meetings and participate in collaborative community organizing efforts when appropriate;
  • With Site Coordinator, establish and maintain on-going relationships with religious groups and other service providers and advocates to maintain and deepen The Gubbio Projects connection to the larger community and advocate for change in current homeless policy.

Administrative Assistant (1/4 of time):

  • Learn and later take leadership of the Project's bookkeeping (Quickbooks)
  • Share in office support (database entry, website upkeep, prep for parish presentations, etc);


  • B.A./B.S. degree or equivalent experience
  • The Hospitality Monitor should possess strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work with an ethnically and socioeconomically diverse constituency.
  • Ability to do general cleaning of Sanctuary space (i.e. sweeping, mopping, lifting 30lbs.)
  • Computer, social networking skills, and the ability to multitask and prioritize are vital.

What's to gain from working at The Gubbio Project?

  • Experience working with diverse groups of people in an inner city environment
  • Learn how to walk with people in crises and de-escalate potential conflicts
  • Receive training in many aspects of non-profit administration
  • Exposure to a varied community of innovative and progressive community organizations working together to respond to homelessness in San Francisco

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