Chicago, Illinois

Elder Care Program Assistant

Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly -- Chicago, Illinois

1- or 2-year term
Ages 20+
Mennonite Voluntary Service



Program Assistants assist the organization to ensure that every elderly friend has a relationship with a compassionate person. They are responsible for reaching out to the elders in friendship and celebration of life. Additionally, Program Assistants have the opportunity to develop and maintain productive, satisfying relationships with other volunteers. This is a unique experience to discover the real needs of older adults.

Supervisor: Director of Volunteer Services

Major Duties and Responsibilities

  • Establish meaningful relationships with 20-25 elders.
  • Engage elders in outings, luncheons and other social opportunities.
  • May assist with small errands (i.e. light shopping, transportation etc.)
  • Plan creative social opportunities such as going for a walk, seeing a movie, playing cards, baking together and sharing stories. Be accountable for your time, work and performance.
  • Work with staff to plan and execute celebrations of life that bring the elderly out of their isolation into contact with other volunteers in festive social activities.
  • Assess the elders' needs and act as an advocate with other organizations on their behalf.
  • Work one of two major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas) and the Saturday spring holiday for the Fête d'Armand Marquiset celebrations.
  • Participate in program meetings, retreats and evaluations.
  • Take charge of a special project outside of visiting.
  • Perform other duties of a temporary nature as need arises.
  • Drive, assess and report problems with LB's vehicles as needed.
  • Participate in one vacation week with the elders and volunteers during the summer.
  • Dress code: Business casual. No jeans.

Time Commitment

  • Full time - 40 hours/week (may include weekends). One year commitment.


  • Excellent training and experience in the field of aging while working in a responsible position with the guidance of staff.
  • Opportunities to meet and work with a diverse group of committed volunteers, staff and elderly.
  • LBFE provides 18 vacation days for the year this will include the 8 retreat days JVC asks you to participate in.

Specific Job Skills required

  • Effective communication. Able to listen attentively and initiate conversation.
  • Sensitive to the needs of lonely and isolated elderly.
  • Able to work independently. Reliable in completion of all elder commitments.
  • Able to drive on a daily basis in the city, on highways and expressways. Driving a van is a plus.
  • Bilingual (Spanish/English) is a plus.

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