Alamosa, Colorado

Bike Co-op Coordinator

Bike Co-op Project -- Alamosa, Colorado

1 or 2 year term
Ages 20+
Mennonite Voluntary Service




Located in the San Luis Valley of southcentral Colorado, the Bike Co-Op is a new project initiated by a former MVS volunteer with a vision for encouraging a strong local bike culture, including access to bikes for those who may not otherwise be able to afford to own and repair their own. Still in its start-up phase, the project is looking for someone who can dedicate a few hours a week (projected at 10 hours initially), in conjunction with a complementary assignment with another community agency. The role of the coordinator would be to help develop, coordinate and implement proposed co-op activities, in collaboration with local community volunteers and partner organizations. These activities may include: collecting, refurbishing and rebuilding salvaged bikes; running bike repair workshops for both adult and youth participants; promoting public policy and awareness for local bikeways and biking safety; and developing options for fee-based services and/or fundraising events to support free and low-cost bikes and co-op activities for lower-income youth and adults. Depending on how quickly the project develops, help to research and create the basic legal and financial infrastructure for the co-op may also be among the work tasks. In addition to active members of the local bike-riding community, local partners and target audiences for the co-op may include:  Boys & Girls Clubs and other children's and youth organizations; community service options for young offenders; adult corrections programs, etc.  Conversation is underway to explore a possible collaboration with a community Makerspace housed at the local state university, where bike tools and parts could be stored and where space would be available for regular workshops and open bike repair times. The project also hopes to have a way to transport tools and parts to various other sites around the area for workshops and biking events with targeted audiences.


As a still-developing project, this placement will be part-time for at least the first year.  Depending on a volunteer's interests and skills, it would be paired with part-time needs at another community site such as Habitat for Humanity or a project of the San Luis Valley Local Foods Coalition, such as the Valley Roots Food Hub (see posted listings for these agencies). Among other duties, this placement holds the opportunity for a volunteer to get hands-on experience with project development, including having an impact on the final overall co-op design.  While much of the work can be done during normal weekday hours, flexibility will be needed for activities that entail some evening and weekend events.


  • Prior experience working with a bike co-op or similar group a plus
  • A passion for commuter and recreational biking at the community level
  • Basic experience with bike mechanics & repair
  • Ability to be flexible and to coordinate work tasks at varying locations
  • Enjoy relating to a diverse range of community partners and potential users
  • General project start-up and/or community organizing and experience a plus
  • Comfortable with verbal and written communications related to organizational activities
  • Experience in Latino cultural settings a plus 

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