Lincoln City, Oregon

Drift Creek Camp

-- Lincoln City, Oregon

Flexible term
Ages 25+



Volunteers are needed to assist with building projects, maintenance, kitchen and office work for a few days or several months. 

Interact with children, youth, adults, school and church groups. Drift Creek Camp has summer programs, retreats and hosts weekend groups during the summer months. 

This location is a beautiful place in the coastal mountains, just 11 miles from the ocean.

Our newest cabin has a basement that is set up with SOOP volunteers in mind. It has two bedrooms, a living area, private bathroom, laundry, dining area and a kitchenette. In addition, a private room or a cabin is often available, but which cabin varies depending on the needs of on-site staff and time of year. 

One RV hook-up is also available. During the summer months, Drift Creek Camp or on-site rental groups cook meals for campers so food service is almost always available. 

From mid-August through mid-June, there are not usually rental groups on weekdays, so meals would only be available on weekends or whenever a group is on-site. During these slower months, volunteers would be on their own when it comes to meals. 

The DCC pantry has  basics that they are happy to share but daily meals are not prepared. 

There is no cell service and internet service is limited.

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