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Mennonites have lived in Mashulaville since the 1960's when the Mashulaville Chapel, a Choctaw Indian mission, was established here. The Mennonite Service Center, a non-profit entity, operates community improvement and educational services here, and a small fellowship of believers also worship here. Volunteer opportunities include a wide variety of home repair projects, helping with adult education classes, after school tutoring and nutrition, nursing home visitation and support, outreach in the Choctaw Indian community, repair and upkeep at the Dormitory, immigration advocacy, summer recreation and nutrition programs, and bookkeeping. Visit for more information. In the "dorm" there are 12 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and one apartment for a leader couple. There is a large kitchen and living/dining area where guests can interact with one another. Maximum 20 people. An RV hook-up is available for electricity, water, and sewer. Volunteers are provided housing at Mashulaville Dormitory and expected to contribute toward their housing expenses. The community of volunteers share some meals together. Church attendance is encouraged at local services, including the African American, Choctaw Indian and Mennonite congregations here. In the summer it can be 100 F, and chilly and wet in January and February. There is wood heat in the dorm, but no air conditioning in the summer except in the apartment.

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