Meridian, Mississippi

Pine Lake Fellowship Camp

-- Meridian, Mississippi

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Ages 25+



Pine Lake Fellowship Camp is located just outside of Meridian, MS. Year-round service opportunities may include general maintenance around the camp, small repairs, occasional cooking, housekeeping, mowing, painting, etc. During the months of June and July, additional opportunities would include cooking, maintenance, purchasing, office work and camp nurse responsibilities during the summer camping program. RV hookups or a 2 bedroom apartment are available for SOOP housing.

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SOOPSOOP<div class="ms-WPBody noindex "><div><p><strong class="ms-rteFontSize-4">​Serving in partnership</strong></p><p>Use your gifts and skills to work alongside others in a network of ministries across the church. Flexibly designed for retirees, families, and adults over 25.​</p><p>SOOP is a program of Mennonite Mission Network.<br></p></div></div>

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