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San Antonio Mennonite Church is located in the historic district a mile from center city. Our congregation is a diverse group from various countries, languages, and backgrounds. We are actively involved with others in seeking to improve the lives of the most vulnerable among us. We strive to work toward openness and understanding, offering justice, healing, and wholeness for all people.

Much of our ministry connects us to those who have recently entered the country. In the church building and at a nearby house, short term hospitality and respite is provided for those waiting to travel elsewhere. We have longer term placement within our community for those needing medical care, trauma healing and/or a place to call home. There is also a twelve-acre ranch 45 minutes to the southeast that is being developed to offer more permanent housing and gardening space.

We invite SOOPers to participate in the upkeep of the facilities: light construction at the church building, La Casa hospitality house, or ranch. There is always cleaning and painting, weeding, and gardening/farming for those who choose to work at the ranch. There are opportunities to share in church life and interact with persons from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Introductory trauma training will be provided upon arrival.

Knowledge of Spanish or French is very helpful but not necessary for manual projects. Applicants are accepted November-March. The work week is 25-30 hours. Housing and meals are on your own. Accommodations for short termers of a week or two can sometimes be arranged at church members' homes for a stipend. However, we do encourage longer commitments of a month or two. There is an RV park with hookup and small cabins about two miles from the church and numerous Airbnb's in the city. For those working at the ranch, RV hook up is available there and possible housing.

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