Elm Mott, Texas

World Hunger Relief

-- Elm Mott, Texas

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World Hunger Relief, Inc. is a Christian organization committed to the alleviation of hunger around the world. This is a 42 acre working farm that provides education to local area residents who wish to learn about how to be better stewards of God's creation. As a working farm, there is always more work to be done than there are hands to do the work. From skilled work such as carpentry, masonry, electrical work, machine maintenance/repair, clerical, kitchen/food prep - to unskilled labor in the gardens and grounds, there are plenty of tasks for people of all ages and aptitudes. Volunteers are encouraged to connect with Hope Fellowship, a local Mennonite congregation, involved in the ministry of World Hunger Relief. Lodging: apartment and dormitory-style housing may be available by request. 110 Volt hookup available for RV. Basic kitchen staples and groceries provided. Depending on season, daily meals with staff may be scheduled and can be confirmed by WHRI staff when confirming assignment.

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SOOPSOOP<div class="ms-WPBody noindex "><div><p><strong class="ms-rteFontSize-4">​Serving in partnership</strong></p><p>Use your gifts and skills to work alongside others in a network of ministries across the church. Flexibly designed for retirees, families, and adults over 25.​</p><p>SOOP is a program of Mennonite Mission Network.<br></p></div></div>

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https://www.mennonitemission.net/Serve/SOOP, https://www.mennonitemission.net/Serve/SOOPhttps://www.mennonitemission.net/Serve/SOOP, https://www.mennonitemission.net/Serve/SOOP



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