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Navajo BIC Mission

-- Bloomfield, New Mexico

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The Navajo Brethren In Christ Mission was established in 1947. Located in the high desert of New Mexico (elevation 7000 ft.), expect to experience all four seasons: gentle, breezy springs; lovely, comfortable summers with highs in the low to mid 90's; windy, dry falls; and mild winters with some snowfall. There are many historic and beautiful areas to visit in the region. This a wonderful opportunity to meet and build relationships with the Navajo people in the community by assisting them while on campus. Volunteers will live and work on campus at the Mission doing general maintenance, helping in the orchard and vegetable garden, stocking and cleaning in the clothing house, and assisting as needed in the office, snack shop, craft shop or at the school. Assistance is also needed with the Mission Teams and with ministry projects, such as the August Back to School event, the Fall Festival in October, the Christmas Love Gift Outreach, Community Christmas Celebration. Help is needed year-round but especially in the fall and winter with the various community activities, general maintenance, office help and snow removal. Lodging: Electric and sewer hook ups available for 5 RVs. Water is provided via portable water tanks. Depends on time of year but there is usually a small house and an apartment available, fully furnished. A larger house is available in the Fall - Spring. Volunteers supply their own food (Bloomfield is the nearest town at 30 miles away) and do their own cooking, although they will frequently find themselves as guests for meals in the homes of the staff and included in some meals with the Mission Teams.

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