Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Partial Hospitalization Program Classroom Assistant

Alternative Community Resource Program -- Johnstown, Pennsylvania

10-month term
Ages 17–20
Service Adventure



ACRP is a local nonprofit dedicated to responding to the needs of children who struggle with abuse, neglect, or psychological or emotional disorders that keep them from leading a normal, happy life. This volunteer assists in the classroom at one of ACRP's many excellent programs in order to support the students as they travel a road back to emotional, physical and social health. The students range in age from 11-18.

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Service AdventureService Adventure<p>​<strong class="ms-rteFontSize-4">Explore and lead</strong></p><p>Invest in faith formation and grow in leadership as you spend a year with Service Adventure. Live in community with others your age and with unit leaders who will serve as mentors. You’ll be able to connect with a local congregation and serve with a partner agencies.</p><p>Service Adventure <span><span>is a program of Mennonite Mission Network.</span></span><br> <em></em></p>

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