Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Restorative Justice and Conflict Mediation Associate

Advoz -- Lancaster, Pennsylvania

1 year term
Ages 20+
The Shalom Project



​Through time-tested dialogue methods, Advoz equips our community to constructively handle conflicts, violence and crime. With more than 30 years of experience serving approximately 750 residents, businesses, and organizations each year, Advoz enhances communication, accountability and mindfulness, empowering all parties in a conflict or crime, even offenders and victims, to mend broken relationships, promote peaceful resolution, and build stronger, safer communities.

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The Shalom ProjectThe Shalom Project<p>The Shalom Project is a one year voluntary service experience for recent college graduates. Participants live together in a house in Lancaster city, serve the community through full-time, professional internships, and participate in seminars focused on Christian spiritual formation and personal growth. We cover all of our participants’ living expenses, including housing, transportation, and food.</p><p>Our goal is that participants experience God’s shalom (wholeness, peace, well-being) and extend shalom in the Lancaster community during their year with us. </p><p>Our guiding values, including social justice, peace, lived faith, and community, are rooted in Anabaptist Christianity, but we welcome any participant who desires to learn, grow, and seek wholeness and well-being for themselves and others.</p>

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