Taos, New Mexico

Residential Intern

TiLT -- Taos, New Mexico

1 year term
Ages 20+



TiLT interns join a loose-knit group of placed-based educators and activists who work with the school, camp, retreat center, ranch and farm to create a vibrant, interconnected community. Current homesteading initiatives include a dairy goat cooperative, beekeeping, green construction projects, wool processing, sustainable grazing, fruit orchards, and community garden CSA. You will balance this labor with wilderness treks, hosted meals, field trips, guided solo experiences, and discussions on spirituality and social change. Our goals include improving local food systems, enhancing community self-reliance, fostering healthy youth development, and nurturing grassroots art and culture.

Commitment to discipleship, sustainability, and communal living.

TiLT accepts applications for May and August enrollment.

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TiLTTiLT<p>​TiLT is a Mennonite-inspired social change movement brewing around Taos, NM. Loosely-affiliated individuals in our community combine creative cultural resistance, transformative economics, watershed discipleship, high-desert homesteading, innovative education and shared community practices to reimagine the "good life" in America, starting with our own. We seek to walk a wilder and simpler Way, at the crossroads of nature and scripture.</p>

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http://www.taostilt.org/TiLT-Initiatives/TiLT-Internship.html, TiLThttp://www.taostilt.org/TiLT-Initiatives/TiLT-Internship.html, TiLT



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