Kykotsmovi, Arizona

Land of the Hopi

-- Kykotsmovi, Arizona

9 days
Ages 15–22
Youth Venture



Land of the Hopi

Dates: We will not be taking any more groups or individuals for this location in 2022

This unique 10-day Youth Venture placement introduces participants to the story of the Hopi Nation, a Native American tribe, and the struggles they faced due to grave injustices put in place by powerful systems and outright oppression. Your time will be split between learning from our Hopi hosts, on their land; outdoor activities; and service opportunities. This placement will allow you and your fellow participants to build relationships, deepen your faith, and learn about important peace and justice issues.

El territorio de los Hopi | Verano 2022 (Fechas a confirmar)
Kykotsmovi, Arizona — Este destino único de Jóvenes Aventureros/as presenta a los participantes durante diez días la historia del pueblo Hopi, un pueblo originario norteamericano, y sus luchas y las dificultades que enfrentaron debido a la grave injusticia y abierta opresión llevada adelante por los sistemas de poder. El tiempo se repartirá entre aprender de nuestros anfitriones Hopi, en su territorio, con actividades al aire libre y oportunidades de servicio. Junto a los otros participantes, este destino te permitirá crear relaciones, profundizar tu fe y aprender cuestiones importantes sobre la paz y la justicia.

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Youth VentureYouth Venture<p>​<strong class="ms-rteFontSize-4">​Service and learning  </strong></p><p>Join a team of other young people to serve, learn, worship, and to build relationships in local communities around the world. Discover and experience the work that God is doing in the world.</p><p>Youth Venture is a program of Mennonite Mission Network.</p><p><br></p>

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