English Teacher TeacherMongoliaInternational MinistriesFlexible TermAges 21+
Sports Ministry Trainer Ministry TrainerMongoliaInternational MinistriesFlexible TermAges 21+
Medical Advisor AdvisorMongoliaInternational MinistriesFlexible TermAges 21+
Undergraduate Professor ProfessorUndergraduate ProfessorMongoliaInternational Ministries1 or more yearsAges 21+
Funding and Communications Management Director and Communications Management DirectorFunding and Communications Management DirectorMongoliaInternational MinistriesLong-TermAges 21+
Phoenix, ArizonaSOOPFlexible termAges 25+
Educational Gardens Coordinator Gardens CoordinatorAlamosa, ColoradoMennonite Voluntary Service1- or 2-year termAges 20+
SEMILLA Guest House Host Guest House HostGuatemalaInternational Ministries3 mo - 6 moAges 21+
CASAS Intern InternGuatemalaInternational Ministries1 week - 1 yearAges 18+ (Families are welcome)
ESL or youth program assistant or youth program assistant Chicago, IllinoisMennonite Voluntary Service1- or 2-year termAges 20+
Home Repair Worker Repair WorkerTucson, ArizonaMennonite Voluntary Service1 or 2 year termAges 20+
Amigo Centre CentreSturgis, MichiganSOOPFlexible termAges 25+